From Angola, via Portugal to Norway

The sassy soul mistress Miss Tati started as a back-up singer, but now its time to do her thing.

«Following Farmer’s Market for a midnight show on the same club stage was another great discovery, for me if not for Norway: the singer, rapper and poet Miss Tati was a total star from start to finish»

- Phil Johnson, London Jazz News


12.06.2015 Bergenfest festival

16.07.2015 Moldejazz festival

17.07.2015 Moldejazz festival

18.07.2015 Vinjerock festival

15.08.2015 Øya  festivalen

22.08.2015 Periferi festivalen

19.09.2015 Den Elleville Festen

29.10.2015 Oslo World Music Festival

31.10.2015 Grieghallen, Bergen

13.11.2015 Feminalen, Trondheim

28.11.2015 Festplassen Bergen

29.12.2015 Jolajazz, Voss





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