From Portugal via Angola to Norway.

Born in Portugal with parents from Angola, this songstress grew up in the sunny city of Setúbal before moving to the rainy city of Bergen in Norway. Tricultural Miss Tati makes her own path. Inspired by hiphop and R&B she cooks up her very own recipe, spicing up festival lineups in Norway. Her biggest influences are artists like Sade, Chaka Khan, D’Angelo and Erykah Badu.


03.06.2016 Til topps kulturfest 

08.06.2016 Kulturfest Tøyen, Oslo  

08.06.2016 Kulturfest Tøyen, Oslo

09.06.2016 Miniøya, Oslo

14.06.2016 Bergenfest Ung, Bergen

13.07.2016 VG-lista topp 20, Bergen

23.07.2016 Vinjerock, Jotunheimen

24.07.2016 Månefestivalen, Fredrikstad

30.07.2016 Utkant, Skjerjehamn

05.08.2016 Festidalen, Uskedalen

05.08.2016 Fjordfesten, Sandefjord

20.08.2016 Vårtnabolag, Vang

15.09.2016 Vill Vill Vest festival, Bergen

17.09.2016 Den Hemmelige Festen, Bergen

12.11.2016 Firda Blest, Sandane






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